Yeaaaah…. so I checked out.

For a week, then a few weeks… then a whole season, or two. This is starting to sound like an alt-pop song from the late 90’s. I renewed my domain some weeks ago in a half-haze wondering whether I would even write another entry again. Hopefully, I will.

In the meantime, here ARE some things I’ve done besides sit around and calculatedly craft my online persona:

Gone to Martha’s Vinyard, twice.
Learned how to catch squid, and ate them!
Tried Fresh Direct, loved it, but hated the price..
Made some great decisions
Made some bad decisions
Bought ceiling medallions!
Went to Gettysburg
Got a promotion
Installed water filters
Redecorated my office
Got on Facebook!
Had a bunch of cool people stay at my place
Tried LOTS of new foods
Rekindled my love for beer (List pending!)

So. What am I doing with this blog? Well the good news is that I know I don’t know. The bad news is…


At any rate, CSA has started up, so I will soon have a plethora of strange produce to experiment with. Hopefully that will motivate me to begin documenting my culinary adventures, yet again. Perhaps I should start publishing my beer notes. I also have an inordinate amount of carrots sitting in my refrigerator. Perhaps an Indian carrot pudding is in my future?

Or, you… single, lone reader out there in the ether, do you have any requests?

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