I’m not dead! I’m not dead! But my phone was…

First, I was on vacation. Then I was busy. Then, I was on vacation again. (Hello Greenes! I Hope you are reading.) Then, my phone wouldn’t connect to my PC, so I couldn’t upload pictures without investing 3 hours e-mailing them to myself individually. So I worked on another Infographic for the lovely folks over […]

Procrastinating… WITH ART!

OH MY GOD. She’s ALIVE! Can we eat this? Yes, I’m alive… and no, not quite. The current work-in-progress at KM is one in a series of “famine food” tutorials designed to come in handy during those times that give us all an opportunity to demonstrate how irresponsible with money perseverant we are under financial pressure.* Unfortunately, I haven’t […]

ATL Top 50 Schools –

ATL Top 50 Schools – It’s not everyday I get to do something really cool, so I figured I would advertise this one. Some weeks ago ATL contacted me to help them design an infographic for their Top 50 Law School Rankings. As you are sure to see, the design/project evolved quite a bit throughout […]