ATL Top 50 Schools –

ATL Top 50 Schools –

Clip 1It’s not everyday I get to do something really cool, so I figured I would advertise this one. Some weeks ago ATL contacted me to help them design an infographic for their Top 50 Law School Rankings. As you are sure to see, the design/project evolved quite a bit throughout the process- but it turned into something quite lovely to behold, thanks to all the folks over at ATL who gave their generous input. And thanks of course, to my dear friend K  over at ATL who did the research for this project, and helped set me up with this gig.  Click the header to support our efforts and take a look at the result of all of our hard work!



UPDATE: Dang! This thing seems to be blowing up all over twitter.

UPDATE: And Facebook! Wow! (need to get my portfolio in order, now)

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