Trigger 3/25/2016

Under the grating fluorescence Of the 18th floor bathroom, You remove your jewelry slowly and deliberately: First, the earrings. Your hand rises to your left ear, and then your right. They soundlessly glide onto the vanity You admire them for a moment; They are fossil ammonites Impassive on the polished stone Their reflection blurred, surreal […]

Untitled, 5/3/11.

On November 18, 1985, During some inconspicuous hour On an inconspicuous street, Unbeknownst to you, Or anyone else In that inconspicuous suburb of Manhattan, You picked up your needles And you began to knit. Purl Stitch You knitted stockings and perfect curls You embroidered manners Appliqued femininity in pink I tried not to cry at […]