3/25/17 3:05pm

All I wanted, was to be heard. It still hurts, to hear you miss me, you know. Even though You pushed me away Even though You called me a liar Even though You were the one Who called me a coward, And closed the door. Or maybe, That’s why it hurts to begin with. I […]

Scrap, 7/22/14 10:05pm

The pretty girls float by Like mythical creatures Wrapped in swirling fabrics. They finish the picture with a pearl earring And crown themselves in the affections of others Who gather to gaze at the spectacle Behind the glass. Inaccessible, To all but the elderly curator Who, in the loneliness of after hours Removes their clothing […]

Freewrite 8/20/15 1:51pm

I want you to hit me. I want you to hit me so hard, it leaves a mark, knocks the wind out of me, throws me flat on my back.  Because I can deal with that. I know what that’s like, I know how long the sting lasts. I know how long it takes before […]

1/31/2014 4:37pm

And in our beds, ‘Twixt the rustling sheets, We shut the eyes of God And make love to our demons. They keep us warm Until the sun chases away our delight Leaving only shame in its wake. Lord, Give me a moment without fear, and I can tell you a thousand stories. Give me a […]