7-26-17 4:48am/8-8-17 3:31pm


You came alive for me again in a dream,
Of all places,
Among flashbacks
Flashes on the screen
A black blog background
With text
Saying you miss me
And images

Alive again
As I struggled with my uniform
Before the other girls
Recently informed
I didn’t qualify
To join them-

My dress?
Not plain enough
And as I raced out of this evaluation
Delivered in terse pleasantries
“Your skirt? Two shades of pink….”
Transpiring in church bathrooms
 “..I’m sorry you’ll have to come back”
Of all places

The believers assembled
 In the auditorium
And I heard my name !

I had been volunteered
For some menial assignment
A token balm
For a broken back. And then

I heard my voice!
Newly found,


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