GF/SCD Apple Cinnamon Cheese Cake- It’s even Candida Diet Friendly :)

 As a continued affront to the notion that those on specialized diets are confined to a culinary wasteland sculpted from boiled peas and fish broth, I present this recipe.  And now, a dramatic reenactment of its conception. Picture it: Sicily, 1934… HA, No. It went more like this: A LIVING ROOM IN ASTORIA. MEMORIAL DAY. […]

ATL Top 50 Schools –

ATL Top 50 Schools – It’s not everyday I get to do something really cool, so I figured I would advertise this one. Some weeks ago ATL contacted me to help them design an infographic for their Top 50 Law School Rankings. As you are sure to see, the design/project evolved quite a bit throughout […]