Untitled The morning after I tore out my eye I ate a kiwi for breakfast, Cast my body in turquoise And gauzed on my favorite tights Despite being threadbare At the inner thighs. I walked the streets Listened to old music Went underground Engaged in idle conversation Parted Unsubmerged myself Took a walk Took an […]

7-5-17 3:19pm/8-8-17 5:30pm

Untitled This just in: I’m not dead, So, Spare me your condolences. Last I checked, My reflection was unchanged: Brown hair, streaked red Skin, gently aging Eyes bright, still green Funky glasses, sometimes. Not a zombie smile in sight. So, why the long face? I’m not dead, So, Spare me your condolences. And put down […]

7-26-17 4:48am/8-8-17 3:31pm

Awake You came alive for me again in a dream, Of all places, Among flashbacks Flashes on the screen A black blog background Teeming With text Saying you miss me And images Swimming Alive again As I struggled with my uniform Before the other girls Recently informed I didn’t qualify To join them- My dress? […]

Dream Poem. 8/8/17, 8am-3pm.

Dream Poem As we creaked across the shaky dock, I pondered whether the fish under our feet were carnivorous. Dangerous or no, I was sure, at least Of their oblivion to general decay. And like the fish, we wandered among the three-walled palafittes Battered beyond seaworthiness, Hawking renditions of “passing time” Until suddenly we found […]