I’m not dead! I’m not dead! But my phone was…

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My Latest Work!

First, I was on vacation. Then I was busy. Then, I was on vacation again. (Hello Greenes! I Hope you are reading.) Then, my phone wouldn’t connect to my PC, so I couldn’t upload pictures without investing 3 hours e-mailing them to myself individually.

So I worked on another Infographic for the lovely folks over at abovethelaw.com. Go on over there and give them some advertising dollars, on me!  🙂  By the way, now that my phone/camera situation is sorted, standby for more recipes. There should be one coming up REAL soon.  In fact, I already have the recipe. And the photos.

OH! And in other news, in case you are interested, in two weeks I’ll be doing a cooking demonstration/sampling at Sunnyside CSA.  So, all of you who are just dying to meet me in person and slit my throat get my autograph, this is your chance!

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