Prison Food by Zagat, while you wait for your famine food…

For those of you who have ever wondered about the complex evolution of prison food through the ages, those dastardly folks at Zagat have done it again.  Now, many of you may have discerned from my last post that I love nails, despite the fact that they are not edible…

[OK,  I know, that you know I only have- like- one reader, which makes that sentence all the even more pathetic. #Ipaintmynailswhilecryingalone  #surroundedbycats]

..but, alas for you fashion-forward folk, I also love urban ruins- no, seriously, I do- and I don’t mean the kind that appear in some people’s mirrors on a regular basis. Some years ago I had the opportunity to visit Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philly.   If you are interested in the crumbling facility upon which the modern prison system is based, and where Al Capone spent some time, take a look at this awsome photo gallery.

If you aren’t, then at least finish my post.

Come on, it’s like 4 sentences.

Good, glad I still have you. Imagine my glee and subsequent disappointment upon discovering that Eastern State Penitentiary held a prison food tasting event this past MAY.  It could have been a perfect marriage of two things I love : food plus urban ruins; plus the history of food in an urban ruin.  If only I had a triple rainbow illustration.  Anyway, lucky for me Zagat was onsite to sample the fare report their findings and give a brief tour of the facility.  Have a look!

PS- According to an entire subset of the internet, nails actually are edible. Gross? You all can find that one all by yourselves.

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