Procrastinating… WITH ART!

Nail Art Template Sketch Pad

OH MY GOD. She’s ALIVE! Can we eat this?

Yes, I’m alive… and no, not quite.

The current work-in-progress at KM is one in a series of “famine food” tutorials designed to come in handy during those times that give us all an opportunity to demonstrate how irresponsible with money perseverant we are under financial pressure.*

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get tables to work properly in WordPress. SO, until I figure that out, I’ve temporarily turned my attentions to my other love- nail art.

IGNORANT SEXIST #1: She paints her nails?! Man, I thought chicks like her only scratched their armpits and flossed their teeth with chainsaw blades…

Pardon my reflexive hiss in said audience member’s direction. Unlike Chuck Norris/Paul Bunyan/Brawny American Figure of your choosing, I don’t floss my teeth with chainsaw blades. Nor do I wear flannel.  I may have my “ungirly” moments, but I also really like to paint my nails. Really.  Nail polish is right up there with insects and snails and bizarre ephemera from lost ages/worlds 🙂

And… can you tell I have a chip on my shoulder today?  Maybe I do, or maybe I am just producing facetious dialogue for your entertainment in order to create the illusion of substance. (Cause really, guys, I’ve got nothing this week)

In other words, I created some dinky nail-art related infographic thing and I intend to use my food blog to pimp it out. In the process I also violated all those unwritten rules about content and traffic and interest and readership and whatever.  Sue me! But do make sure to paint your nails, first…and use my template to come up with a design!

Talk soon…

* This comment was intended in jest. For those of you actually experiencing financial troubles, my deepest sympathy to you. Hopefully the upcoming recipes will help you feed yourself/your family while saving a few dollars.

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