Fennel Raisin Salad

Yep. That’s it. No witty title needed for all those SEO bots, I now have a social network to propel me into internet fame….


So, we got fennel in CSA this week, and I’m tired of using it in that random Oprah recipe. Guess what I did? I chopped it up, mixed it in with some random stuff I had in the pantry, and got this:


How do you like my thinly veiled fennel propaganda shot?

That’s ok, I don’t like YOU either.


Anyway, here’s the recipe, neat.


Fennel, 3 small whole bulbs
Pine nuts, 3 tablespoons
Golden raisins, 3 tablespoons
Salt, to taste
A dash of pepper
Olive oil, to taste
Wine vinegar, to taste.


1. Wash the fennel and cut into “manageable pieces”. And I mean all of it. Including the stalks and fronds. If you don’t like your salad as “hairy”, leave some of them out.  What’s a manageable=”what fits in the food processor”

2. Pulse in your food processor until it breaks up into fine chunks.  Think, finely diced.

3. Add Pine Nuts and raisins, toss.

4. Begin adding salt, olive oil, and wine vinegar to taste.


Yep, seriously. It’s that easy. It’s a far cry from my gluten free pie crust days, but you know.. baby steps. Until next CSA, or next century..




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