Starting Over. How’s this for size?

The cooking thing was good for a while, but it just wasn’t doing it for me in the last few years. So, after finally giving it some thought, I’ve decided to turn this blog into a venue for whatever the heck thing I’m into at the moment. That’s a good way to keep things exciting. Oh, and […]

Breads: A Famine Food Tutorial

Daaaaang woman. So, I started writing this post in August of 2013. And then, I couldn’t get tables to work properly. So, just shy of a year later, I’m giving it another go. And they still don’t work properly. I hope you will forgive me; this is going to be one of those content over […]

Fennel Raisin Salad

Yep. That’s it. No witty title needed for all those SEO bots, I now have a social network to propel me into internet fame…. Right. So, we got fennel in CSA this week, and I’m tired of using it in that random Oprah recipe. Guess what I did? I chopped it up, mixed it in […]

Yeaaaah…. so I checked out.

For a week, then a few weeks… then a whole season, or two. This is starting to sound like an alt-pop song from the late 90’s. I renewed my domain some weeks ago in a half-haze wondering whether I would even write another entry again. Hopefully, I will. In the meantime, here ARE some things […]

Creamy Cucumber Bites

Well hello there. Told you I’d be back. I don’t have much time to talk, so let’s cut to the chase.  Or, cut the cheese! ::groan:: Now that we’ve fulfilled our corny joke quota for the post- behold! My latest creation. Yes, seriously, that’s it.  Here’s the rundown! Gluten Free: Check Candida Friendly: Only if […]

So I’ve kinda lost steam..

Going on a three week long tour of Archeological sites related to the missionary tours of Apostle Paul (plus a bunch of other irrelevant, yet extremely pleasurable destinations) will do that to you. So, in lieu of a recipe, I present: Nothing.  Well,  there is the assurance that I didn’t die during a protest in […]

Procrastinating… WITH ART!

OH MY GOD. She’s ALIVE! Can we eat this? Yes, I’m alive… and no, not quite. The current work-in-progress at KM is one in a series of “famine food” tutorials designed to come in handy during those times that give us all an opportunity to demonstrate how irresponsible with money perseverant we are under financial pressure.* Unfortunately, I haven’t […]