Starting Over. How’s this for size?

The cooking thing was good for a while, but it just wasn’t doing it for me in the last few years. So, after finally giving it some thought, I’ve decided to turn this blog into a venue for whatever the heck thing I’m into at the moment. That’s a good way to keep things exciting. Oh, and new theme!!

Yes? No?

Eh, who cares what you think?!, says this unused968full-johnny-rotten meme-worthy image of Johnny Rotten. You can still expect terrible punctuation and holey ideas, but that’s part of the fun of it. What good is a blog without some conversation?

So, here goes. You can expect a bit of brain vomit on something random coming up. For now, take this announcement for what it is and stay tuned.  (But really, if you want to edit me, please do, cause I suck at this)

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