7/25/10 3:05am

7/25/10 3:05am.

Temptation Meditation

Its always something or other
twisted around the twisted sheets.

"Oh, you look tired" they will say,
The next day
In Church.

Ensue the list of explanations.
None out of the ordinary
Or worth bragging about.

Instead of your flesh,
[Whoever you are,
Whoever you prove to be]
I have:
My cat;
My dreams that persist-
Despite my lack of sleep-
Like children who outlived their mother;
The perpetually single room mate;
And perpetually broken bathroom tiles.

So easy to lift a finger, 
Lift my dress,
Lift my spirits, 

0 to 60 in 8-13Hz.

A thousand little deaths.
And I do not even have my own to get me through the night.


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