5/5/09 11:40am

Backing into painted blue-black 
From when before I thought 
I had to cut the cord 
And run, 
roots still trailing behind me, 
Like the friendship bracelets 
I used to make for those that never really knew me. 

Wisteria is a parasitic vine that can engulf entire buildings. 
It takes ten years to blossom, and even then- 
only when the trunk and roots are abused.

It is an unwitting love 
That strangled a great tree,
And gave birth to an irresistible flower.
I place the blossoms next to my bed 
Every spring and think of 
You, Frida Kahlo, 
And the Day of the Dead. 

There are seven plants stationed on my window sill, 
for the short perilous journey under/overground/away 
from the sun they grew in 
and the artwork that's been packed away from the walls; 
but that is just a matter of course.

Yes, just a matter of course. 


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